ACSHR 2022

Safeguarding Zero Tolerance Statement

 What you can expect from us

  • We will operate under the guidance of the Safeguarding Zero Tolerance Statement throughout this event to make this conference a safe, inclusive, and respectful space for all participants.
  • We will listen to all safeguarding-related concerns raised by anyone about your safety, protection, and wellbeing, and respond to those concerns seriously, promptly, and appropriately.
  • We will ensure there are Care Captains who serve as safeguarding focal points present throughout your stay and participation in this conference. Care Captains come from the Sub-Committee and are trained personnel for responding to safeguarding concerns.
  • We will ensure a toll-free number for reporting safeguarding or safety concerns before, during and after the conference.
  • We will also provide a WhatsApp number for reporting safeguarding concerns during and after this conference.

What is expected of you?

  • We expect you to abide by the conference’s Safeguarding Zero Tolerance Statement in all your interactions for this conference.
  • Zero tolerance of any and all discrimination against any conference participant.
  • We expect you to be respectful of each other’s differences and try to avoid situations that will lead to danger for you or others.
  • Committed to reporting any suspicion of or actual safeguarding concerns.

How to report any concerns or safeguarding Issues

  • If you think you are in danger and/or feel unsafe about anything or anyone you can report in these ways:
  • Speak to one of the Care Captains (title on their t-shirt)
  • Speak to a security guard
  • Speak to your chaperone
  • Free-toll line 5544 on Orange and Africell
  • WhatsApp +232 88682116.
  • Email